I want to investigate “How do interfaces affect the sense of control drivers have?” by designing several concepts of scenarios in which I explain a several interfaces. These scenarios then will be proposed to users and experts through interviews and (if beneficial) questionnaires. From the data that is received new concepts will be generated and proposed. After several iterations, this will result in data that will bring me closer to the answer on the design research question.

With the main question also other related questions were raised which need to be answered. During the process I have to think about how I want to answer these questions and use this while designing the concepts and setting up the interviews/questionnaires. Some issues I should take into account are for example: “On what level do I want to compare interfaces?”, “How much should the interfaces look alike?”, “How to emphasize the aspect I want to investigate?” and “How to focus the question in order to capture the right data?”. Furthermore, I will have to keep the scenarios understandable. This means that I have to focus only on one aspect of the interface at a time instead of requesting data about multiple aspects at once. The reason to focus only on one aspect is that I believe that if I want too much at a time it could obscure the focus and therefore the quality of the interview.

The data will mostly be received from interviews. Although this approach is time consuming and gives less quantitative data than conducting questionnaires, interviews create opportunities to gain more qualitative data. There are several reasons for this: e.g. the option to go deeper into a question by asking additional questions, the option to ask the interviewee to elaborate, the option to ask questions that come to mind and the “more personal”  format which makes the interviewee feel more comfortable.

Concerning the planning I want to set some global deadlines for myself. I am planning to work in periods of two weeks. In the first week I will design several concepts of scenarios which I test in the second week through interviews/questionnaires. The second week will be used to analyse the received data and get useful information out of it in order to use it for the next iterations of scenarios. I chose to work in these short periods in order to keep track of my process, have a structured process and to be able to create time to reflect on the process. The length of 2 weeks is still variable and in case I notice it is not enough or too much I will adjust this.

During the mid-term demo days I will discuss my research question, my approach and my expectations. Furthermore, I will use it as an opportunity to discuss scenarios with visitors and gain additional data.


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